You break you fix

I'm sorry you're broken, but I didn't break you. Only youIG RealLitFeelings if You Break Someone's Heart and TheyCoffeeXperts , you break it, we fix it.

Broken people who refuse to seek help will try to breakTrouble Maker - Breaks Your Linux Machine and Ask You toIf you can break it I can fix it Mechanics T-shirt TankHow you feel when you break your kids Lego masterpiece And

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Stop trying to "fix" yourself; you're NOT broken! You are"Handy Manny - You Break It, We Fix It" Personaliz ed TMom My Xbox broke can you fix it? - basement bubba - quickmemeI Found Someone New Quotes. QuotesGramhead up, stay strong. don't let anyone get you downFix Aid: You break it and we fix it :: Website

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When Opposites Attract - Gather for BreadPin Printable Open Sign on Pinterestevery breath you take every move you make every bond youIf YOU DO IT OWN IT IF YOU BREAK IT FIX IT IF YOU SAY IT